Torphalos has existed for thousands of years, since before the time of the Cataclysm and the Day of Awakening.

The records which have survived say that before the Cataclysm occurred, Torphalos was a religious city, neutral from the political nations, where the Elemental Orders would come to train their leaders and elite troops. This meant it was heavily militarised so that it would not be at risk of attack from any nation. The records say that the blend of strong military and strong magic was what allowed it survive when no other cities did.

Whilst Torphalos is strong and thriving now it has been severely challenged at times over the millennia.

One of the earliest disasters and the time which it came closest to collapse was when a group of dozens of dragons joined together to assault the city. Despite much of the city being destroyed and over half the population being killed, the dragons were defeated and mostly slain. Many scholars, in an attempt to explain why the dragons have never tried again, believe that the surviving dragons spread news of their defeat and that the warning holds to this day.

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