Character Creation

There are two main steps to create a player character in Torphalos and they should be done simultaneously and cooperatively with the other players.

  • Create the character’s place in the world
  • Select your character’s statistics

To create your character’s place in the world you need to write a short Character Story that explains who they are and why they are part of the adventuring party. There are a few crucial parts which this story should include:

  • What is your character’s motivation for adventuring?
  • How do you know the other PCs? (having meaningful connections to each other is important)
  • Why do the other PCs like and value your character?

To select your character’s statistics go through the following three steps. At the end you will have a short sentence of the form: “I am a <descriptor> <type> who <focus>”

  1. Select a Character Type
  2. Choose a Character Descriptor
  3. Choose a Character Focus

Once you have finished selecting your Type, Descriptor and Focus, you will also have some extra Equipment that you will be able to purchase.

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Character Creation

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