Character Focus

Your Character Focus is something unique and unusual about your character that makes them stand out as particularly special. Each focus has special skills that are unique to it. No two characters can have the same focus.

Foci which are available to choose are:

  • Carries a Quiver
  • Channels Spirit Powers
  • Commands Mental Powers
  • Consorts with the Dead
  • Consumes Lifeforce
  • Contains an Air Spirit
  • Contains an Earth Spirit
  • Contains a Fire Spirit
  • Contains a Water Spirit
  • Controls Lightning
  • Controls Metal
  • Crafts Illusions
  • Creates Light
  • Defends the Weak
  • Enslaves Souls
  • Entertains
  • Exists in Two Places at Once
  • Fights Dirty
  • Fights with Panache
  • Focuses Mind Over Matter
  • Harnesses the Wild
  • Heals Others
  • Hunts With Great Skill
  • Infiltrates
  • Leads
  • Leaves Their Body
  • Likes Caves
  • Likes Forests
  • Looks After Themself
  • Looks For Trouble
  • Manifests Dreams
  • Masters Defence
  • Masters the Swarm
  • Masters Weaponry
  • Metes Out Justice
  • Moves Like a Cat
  • Moves Like the Wind
  • Murders
  • Needs No Weapon
  • Never Says Die
  • Performs Feats of Strength
  • Rages
  • Sees Beyond
  • Slays Monsters
  • Solves Mysteries
  • Stands Like a Bastion
  • Throws With Deadly Accuracy
  • Uses Forbidden Spells
  • Walks Through Walls
  • Wields Two Weapons at Once
  • Works the Back Alleys
  • Would Rather Be Reading

Note that some Foci are not really applicable to some Types, e.g. an Air Guardian would not have Contains an Earth Spirit, although it’s not forbidden. It might be allowed if you have a particularly good story about why and how that defines your character.

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Character Focus

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