Investigators specialise in searching out information and solving mysteries. This can often put them in dangerous situations so they also know how to hold their own in a fight.

Base Stats
Might Pool: 11 / Might Edge : 0
Speed Pool: 10 / Speed Edge: 0
Intellect Pool: 11 / Intellect Edge 1
Bonus Pool Points: 4

Maximum Effort: 1
Charms: 2

Starting Abilities
Practised with Light and Medium Weapons

Optional Abilities
Choose 4 from the following:

Danger Sense (1SP)
Decipher (1IP)
Extra Edge
Interaction Skills (E)
Investigative Skills (E)
Knowledge Skills (E)
No Need for Weapons (E)
Premonition (2IP)
Physical Skills (E)
Practised in Armour (E)
Stealth Skills (E)
Surging Confidence (1MP)
Trained Without Armour (E)

Starting Equipment
Choice of Attire
Investigator’s Badge
1 Medium or Light Weapon
1 Expensive Items
2 Moderately Priced Items
4 Inexpensive Items

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