The military of Torphalos operates as a single entity, governed by the War Council, with two primary aims:

  • protecting the city and it’s people from monsters
  • maintaining peace and order within the city

The first of these tasks is undertaken by the Temple Warriors, of which there are two types: Guardians and Channellers. Guardians specialise in physical combat whilst Channellers specialise in magical combat. Each Guardian and Channeller is attached to one of the four temples and they are trained differently depending on the preferences of their elemental spirit.

Air is associated with quick light attacks and speed in combat.
Earth is associated with defence and endurance in combat.
Fire is associated with high damage and destruction in combat.
Water is associated with tactics, flexibility and adaptability in combat.

Most of the defensive units which patrol the walls have a large mix of Guardians and Channellers from different temples to help them deal with any situation.

The second of these tasks is undertaken by the City Wardens. Although the Wardens report into the War Council, they have no other temple affiliation and are managed from a central citadel that oversees the wardens in the districts.

There are many types of different wardens, some which are very specialised, but common wardens include Patrollers, Investigators, Blends, Speakers, and Rangers.

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