The city is usually safe from the monsters which roam the lands beyond the moat, however there are a lot of different monsters which can threaten. Farmers and hunters are the most at risk as they travel across the moat to collect food, although never without guards.

Common Monsters

Common monsters are low risk (relatively speaking) and plenty is known about their behaviours.

Fanged Monkeys
Plod Lizard

Dangerous Monsters

Dangerous monsters are a known threat and are seen regularly enough that they have been studied when able. Even Guardians are instructed to avoid Dangerous monsters unless there is no other choice.

Dark Serpent
Horned Bear
Mottled Treecat

Other Monsters

Other monsters are monsters which may be known of in Torphalos, but of which there is little to no information. It is always best to assume that all other monsters are Dangerous.


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