Speakers are the vocal presence of the City Wardens and are used in all social interactions. They can serve as town crier through to interrogator and everything in between.

Base Stats
Might Pool: 8 / Might Edge : 0
Speed Pool: 10 / Speed Edge: 0
Intellect Pool: 14 / Intellect Edge 1
Bonus Pool Points: 4

Maximum Effort: 1
Charms: 2

Starting Abilities
Practised with Light Weapons

Optional Abilities
Choose 4 from the following:

Aggression (2IP)
Closed Mind (E)
Encouragement (1IP)
Enthrall (1IP)
Fast Talk (1IP)
Interaction Skills (E)
Knowledge Skills (E)
Practised with Light and Medium Weapons (E)
Terrifying Presence (2+IP)
Understanding (2IP)

Starting Equipment
Choice of Attire
Speaker’s Hat
1 Light Weapon
1 Expensive Items
2 Moderately Priced Items
4 Inexpensive Items

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