Water Channeller

Water Channellers try to control the situation in combat and move things to their teammates advantage.

Base Stats
Might Pool: 7 / Might Edge : 0
Speed Pool: 10 / Speed Edge: 0
Intellect Pool: 15 / Intellect Edge 1
Bonus Pool Points: 4

Maximum Effort: 1
Charms: 3

Starting Abilities
Magic Training (E)

Optional Abilities
Choose 3 from the following:

Distortion (2IP)
Erase Memories (3IP)
Hedge Magic (1IP)
Knowledge Skills (E)
Onslaught (1IP)
Practised With Light Weapons (E)
Push (2IP)
Resonance Field (1IP)
Scan (2IP)
Ward (E)

Starting Equipment
Water Channeller Uniform
Book of Water Spirits
1 Expensive Items
2 Moderately Priced Items
4 Inexpensive Items

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Water Channeller

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