Water Guardian

Water Guardians aim to be flexible and adaptable in combat and focus on the tactics of the situation.

Base Stats
Might Pool: 12 / Might Edge : 1
Speed Pool: 11 / Speed Edge: 0
Intellect Pool: 9 / Intellect Edge 0
Bonus Pool Points: 4

Maximum Effort: 1
Charms: 2

Starting Abilities
Practised With All Weapons (E)
Control the Field (1MP)

Optional Abilities
Choose 3 from the following:

Bash (1MP)
Extra Edge
Goad (2MP)
Opportunist (E)
Overwatch (1IP)
Physical Skills (E)
Pierce (1SP)
Practised In Armour (E)
Swipe (1SP)
Thrust (1MP)

Starting Equipment
Water Guardian Uniform
Water Flask
1 Very Expensive (or cheaper) Weapon
1 Moderately Priced (or cheaper) Weapon
1 Expensive Item
2 Moderately Priced Items
3 Inexpensive Items

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Water Guardian

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