Fanged Monkeys

The most troublesome of the monsters around Torphalos, Fanged Monkeys are exceptionally good climbers, are very quick and exceptionally curious. They are mainly troublesome as they seem to be constantly curious about what is inside Torphalos and sometime go to great lengths to try and get inside the city. The walls offer no problem for their climbing and they are comfortable swimmers, so it is a daily occurrence for the defenders on the wall to intercept Fanged Monkeys.

They are little threat to anyone trained in combat as they are relatively small and not particularly strong, however their bite can be dangerous. This is particularly true for unarmed civilians as when a monkey gets into the city they will attack if discovered, will launching a bite attack against their revealler before fleeing and hiding.

Outside the walls they will rarely trouble people, however there have been times when a pack has formed to take food from the crops. Some of these packs have been recorded having 30 or more fanged monkeys which could pose some risk even to an armed combat patrol.

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Fanged Monkeys

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