Horned Bear

A Horned Bear is larger than a normal bear and significantly more aggressive. It has two large horns which curve from its forehead to jut forwards either side of its jaw, and which are incredibly sharp and jagged. Otherwise, it looks like a normal bear.

A Horned Bear is easily annoyed and its first response is to attack whatever has annoyed it. It will charge and attempt to gore the target with its horns. If able, it will grapple the target in its jaws and repeatedly stab and slash the prey with its horns whilst crushing it with its jaws. This makes short work of most targets.

If significantly injured a Horned Bear will become enraged. When enraged its hair will puff out and its eyes will change to a violent red. While enraged it is reckless and its attacks become even deadlier than before as it loses reason and will only stop once killed or once everything else is dead.

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Horned Bear

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