Mottled Treecat

The Mottled Treecat is a fast predator which excels at running through the branches of trees. It has a exceptionally long jump also which means it rarely comes down from the trees. Its mottled fur coat makes it very hard to spot.

It mainly hunts and eats small to medium animals and birds, including other monsters like Fanged Monkeys, primarily by being faster and chasing them down. They will readily attack people if they climb into a tree, especially if the person is on their own.

In combat the Mottled Treecat will strike suddenly, usually with an attempt to clamp it’s jaws onto the targets neck and pin them against a tree trunk. if the initial attack fails they will dash off through the branches before doubling back and trying to attack the target from behind. Mottled Treecats are experts at aiming for vital points and in an extended combat they will attempt to disable the limbs of their target before going in for the kill. If they sense their opponent might fall they will also happily tumble them from the tree if they think the fall will kill them.

Even a well trained warrior is no match for a Mottled Treecat in single combat.

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Mottled Treecat

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